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me for slinkers by sexyemmauk me for slinkers :iconsexyemmauk:sexyemmauk 0 0
God's Perfect Plan
Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you
before you were born, I set you apart.
For I know the plans I have for you,
the plans to prosper and not to harm you,
to give you hope for the future.
I waited patiently for the Lord, he turned to me and heard my cry.
Go to the city of Chester and make disciples of young people.
Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in life, in love, in faith and in purity.
He set our feet on a rock and gave us a firm place to stand,
but we turned from the Lord and ran.
The word of the Lord came to us for a second time,
Go the Chester and make disciples of young people.
We obeyed the Word of the Lord and went to Chester.
Deliver us, O Lord from evil doers; protect us from those who are violent.
Cast all your anxieties on me because I care for you.
:iconsexyemmauk:sexyemmauk 1 0
Why Raven chose to take the short cut home she didn't know but she was nearly there now, no time to turn back. She had a laugh at the party, made a few friends, it was good. At the thought of her party the image of Mark fluttered through her mind and a smile came to her lips. She enjoyed being with him. They had danced, drank, but mostly they just sat there in a quiet corner and just talked about anything and everything. Ex relationships, families even pets.
The time flew by and at 11:30pm they were reluctantly saying their "good-byes".
Mark went one way, Raven the other. She now wished she'd listened to her mum about wearing a coat, but instead she rebelled and went out in just her black leather mini skirt, red halter neck top and her knee high boots. She stopped and rubbed her arms against the chill and carried on towards the churchyard.
The night was still, apart from the slight breeze, which made goosebumps tickle up her arms. Raven turned, wanting to go back, back in time when the
:iconsexyemmauk:sexyemmauk 0 3
Missin' You
You're over there. I'm here. Missing you
and it makes me blue
that I can't see you everyday,
or just say "Hey"
whenever I want to.
We will be reunited soon and I'll have a song
in my heart but after not long
at all we will be apart
again and my heart
will sink into despair.
I want you around to hold me,
I want you to be able to see
the love I have inside
of myself. I don't want to hide
it from you.
What I want to say is "I Love You",
just in case you never knew.
While you are away
from me I'll pray
that our love will mature and last.
:iconsexyemmauk:sexyemmauk 0 0
Mature content
Argh Men :iconsexyemmauk:sexyemmauk 0 0
Mature content
Nameless :iconsexyemmauk:sexyemmauk 0 0
What Happend?
Why did you stop feeling the same as me?
I thought our friendship was for eternity!
What ever happened to make you think
that you had to shrink
away from it and me?
What did I do to make you feel this way?
What hidden pain
have you got
that's burning red hot
inside you?
Is it your own opinion or those around you
to try to make me as blue
as you can? Don't  you see what you've done?
It feels like you've got a gun
and shot me.
If that was your task you have succeeded.
And all it was I needed
was you. Was that too much to ask?
Now I will leave you alone and let you bask
in your fake glory.
:iconsexyemmauk:sexyemmauk 1 5
Mature content
Friendship :iconsexyemmauk:sexyemmauk 0 0
You run around the corner but he has found you.
What are you going to do?
You make a silent scream
and you wish it was a dream
and that you can't wake up.
You try to hide but there's nowhere to go
and you beg yourself not to show
your fear to him. He lives to see pain
and when he sees it, he gains
his pleasure.
You start to shiver under his stare
and you don't think you can bare
another second of it. You need to run
but you know the race has just begun
between life and death.
You sit up straight in bed,
all the images of him running through your head.
You can't believe it wasn't real
because you were sure you could feel
his knife go through your stomach.
:iconsexyemmauk:sexyemmauk 0 0
Mature content
Thank You :iconsexyemmauk:sexyemmauk 0 0
Out With The Old...
You may have died but you'll always be in my heart
and you'll always be apart
of the family. You've been there all the time
for me and I thought you would be mine
But you're not here anymore
and I'm not sure
what compelled me
to ask but I needed to see
if I could be happy once more.
When they arrived it was bad.
I realised what we had
with you will never come back again
and that brought a great pain
to my heart.
Out with the old, in with the new.
That is what happened in this avenue.
The elders thrown out, the younger run free
and all the blame is on me
because I asked for them.
They run amok in our home
and I think they could have shown
a bit of respect to the others
and tried a bit harder not to bother
them either.
But what I'm trying to say my friend
is Rest In Peace. I love you 'till the very end
and I will never forget you.
I will always have a space for you
in my heart.
:iconsexyemmauk:sexyemmauk 0 0
Mature content
My Hell :iconsexyemmauk:sexyemmauk 0 0
I saw you all lined up
like little soldiers, without your parents there to cup
your hand in theirs. You were very brave,
but now you bare a grave
even though you were very young.
Your teacher sacrificed herself for you.
If only you knew
what you meant to her. She loved you all
and would not fall
to fear if she thought she could help her children.
We will never know
what drove him to go
to your school. We can now only wish
that He could have missed
you all with his gun.
In Loving Memory Of The Teacher And Children Who Were Killed In Dunblane In 1996
:iconsexyemmauk:sexyemmauk 3 7
Love and Sorrow
I think of you and I smile
even though it's been awhile
since we were together. I think of you
and I am blue
because we are together no more.
When we were together it was great,
I didn't feel hate
towards anyone. I felt on Cloud Nine
and that my love for you could shine
through all the bad in my life.
Then we finished,
the relationship diminished.
It was a shame
but I was to blame
for it.
I am sorry about that,
I wish I could change back
time. If I only had thought
losing you would have brought
a tear to my eye.
:iconsexyemmauk:sexyemmauk 0 0
Children of the Mist
"Royal is my Race"
This is our Motto, although our name became disgrace
a long time ago. We were outcast, branded thieves.
If we did steal it was only to fill the needs
of our families.
MacGregor became mud.
People changed their names when they could.
They were afraid, for their families
but also for the memories
of the name so it would not be lost forever.
Rob Roy, the best of the best.
In him others would rest
their confidence. He came to save
and with it, he would have gave
his life for us.
Now we meet again
to praise the MacGregor name.
We no longer feel the shame
to bare the MacGregor name.
It will last forever ... Despite Them.
:iconsexyemmauk:sexyemmauk 0 0
What do you see in her? I really can't see
what she has inside her that isn't inside me.
Why is she special to you?
Don't you realise it makes me blue
when you ignore me?
How does she deserve you?
She reminds me of someone who
doesn't have any feelings
inside herself, let alone dealing
them out to you.
I let you slip away
to her instead of letting you stay
with me. How could I have been so stupid
to tempt cupid
to shoot you with another arrow?
:iconsexyemmauk:sexyemmauk 0 2


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